A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

I tried making a game in a week and this is the result!

to play notes press A-J

to play change character press X

to go back to menu press K

opening theme is "Train Ticket to Tokyo" by Lullatone

also for some reason whenever you change a pose for the first time it looks bad and ugo but it fixes itself so the next time you change your pose it looks fine (i dont know why tho)

Thank You!

Install instructions

I honestly have no clue why this download takes so long, if there is any download issues message me on my Tumblr so I can fix it asap


Music Jam.rar 60 MB
Music Jam Mac.rar 96 MB


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While one could argue if this is a game or not, more like a toolset, I absolutely had a blast with it and messed around with it post playing this. Love it. Thanks for this little experience.

Thanks so much! im really glad you enjoy it!!


love this game style, love the backround, i actually maked something in my game like 2 walls or something  with this drawn backround :


Really cute little game. Is there a particular reason you chose to have the A key create the highest note, though? That felt a little bit off to me, since on a piano the leftmost key would produce the lowest tone. Also, I think some of the notes might not be in harmony with the background tracks? 

That being said, I absolutely adore the art style and how much personality every cat has!

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Oh yea your right! guess that shows I don't know much about instruments lol ^_^ and thank you!